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Great to see everyone today thanks for stopping by the   @staunch.nation   booth, look forward to day 2 tomorrow! 💪🐨   @miggyflex     @vini_veins     @andreacarmonaa     @rexthebull  


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how many dudes do you know roll like this, how many dudes do you know flow like this, not many, if any... if you can rock socks n slides to the gym with ya shirt tucked in tag   @vonmogercrew   and I’ll repost ya

Agoura Fitness


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might cruise down to golds today, who’s hitting arms? 💪


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  #Tb   when I was looking like a half sucked mango and people were like “yeah na your finished. Or “he’s done, his careers over”. Vs Today. Where are those people now...🤐   #Unbroken  


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solo curls + solar pumps + sick tunes = ultimate happiness 😎💪🎶


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Mirror mirror on the wall you’re the dirtiest of them all


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I had to make a few extra reps in my workout in honor of Franco. He was a legend amongst legends. He had the most incredible pec separation, and inspired me in pumping iron that funky shirts were ok to wear, lifting cars from gutters was a good activity and that boxing & bodybuilding were both cool sports. RIP Franco. I hope there is enough weight on the incline bench for you in heaven 😉   @francocolumbu  


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If there’s one friend that influenced me more then any of my inspirations in life it’s gotta be   @jpetrovski90   . He’s the one that puts the O’s in looooose, the U in sickcunt, and pulls the crazy out of me. We had a lot of adventures in your first trip to USA so far, Bungalow sessions, gym workouts, a Vegas mission, endless laps of my kitchen to see what’s going on in the fridge, couch sessions with rexy boiii watching animal docos. Looking for your phone with Baz. Listening to late nights and wildflowers And of course, burnouts on the bikes 🏍 The best part of all this is introducing you to my friends here in USA and combining you all together so you can see what we are all made of. Makes me happy seeing you in all these crazy situations. I guess it’s your bday today too so happy birthday mate! I’ll make sure there’s extra meat and cheese on your plate. Lettuce and all the other greens can fuck off with Dave today 🥬🥒🥦🙅🏻‍♂️😂


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Tag someone who needs to 🤐 & 🏋️‍♂️ their legs more... I’ll start   @calvonmoger_     @calumvonmoger     @calvonmoger_     @miggyflex     @jpetrovski90   🖕😂   @calumvonmoger   TALK LESS LIFT MORE - ( only form   @vonmogercrew   / )


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Happy   #NationalDogDay  , here’s a little vid of me and Rex staunching Santa Monica boardwalk 🐾🐶💙   @rexthebull     @staunch.nation     @sweetsweat  


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What's my advice for someone just starting out in the gym? -> Practice good form/technique before trying to take on heavy weights. -> Warm up stretch properly before starting, drink plenty of water/bcaas, stay focused don’t get distracted by people or CrossFit. -> Prioritize free weights and compound exercises in your program like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, barbell rows, dumbbell curls and presses. These ones help build a strong foundation for you later. If you wanna be big you need to do these ;). -> Stay away from cliffs and tandem bicep curls. -> Increase your protein intake, especially after a workout. -> And.. enjoy your workouts, have fun, don’t rush. The gains will come it takes time. Just Be patient. It’s a great feeling having muscles. I recommend them to everyone.


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"Fuck that shit brah, you can either be a sick cunt or you can be a sad cunt, don't be a sad cunt brah" - Zyzz   @vonmogercrew   - ( sickunt stringers )


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